Miami Dolphins Tournament - 3rd Place

June 6th 2017

We've been fishing with the Sinnick family from Chicago for many years.  Year after year, they would come down and fish the Miami Dolphins fishing tournament - we've even won this tournament together in the past.  Sadly, the family lost a college aged son since the last time they visited Miami and this year's tournament […]


Blackfins and Bottom Fish

May 13th 2017

We fished yesterday and found a rather large weed line in about 200' - 230'. We had live bait and the tunas and sails were on it. Ironically we couldn't find any dolphin on this line. This was a corporate trip and the people showed up late and they had to be back in the […]


Fishing Action Keeps Kids Entertained

April 7th 2017

We have been fishing this week with a lot of families and their kids.  Keeping the small ones entertained was paramount and easy with the help of our plentiful bonitas!  Mixed in were 4 blackfin tunas, some barracudas as well as some bottom species. The edge was deeper, in 160' to 180' where there were […]


Trolling Deeper

March 24th 2017

Fishing has been slow in the morning but in the afternoon it has been much better. While there is no north current the water looks nice around 180. We are trolling small to medium size lures and the sails, tuna, and bonitas have been cooperating. On the wrecks around 130' to 150' to the north […]


Blue Water and North Current

March 16th 2017

The water conditions off Miami have improved dramatically.  Yesterday, we found the blue water in just 130 feet of Miami and the current was flowing well to the north.  Unfortunately, live bait was hard to come.  We drew a blank at all our usual spots.   So out came the lures and spoons.  We trolled the […]


Amazing Fishing Charter

January 1st 2017

Capt. Carlos, I want to thank you for the amazing fishing charter you provided for our family. This father/son adventure was an experience that we will always treasure. My youngest son 5 year old Jonathan, won't stop talking about Capt. Carlos and first mate Johnny. He is ready to go to the Grouper fishing grounds. […]