Miami Fishing Report – July 22, 2013

blackfin-tuna-in-miamiJuly 22, 2013


Tunas, specially the black fin tuna, have been good in low light conditions, like most of the rainy days lately. Try them in the early morning or in the very late afternoon. Get them entertained with lots of small live bait chummies like the small pilchards but then fish for them with the bigger threadfin hearing.


Sails are here now year round. We have been fishing in July with phenomenal sailfish catches. For the last few years we have been getting sailfish year round. Marlin can be mixed in with the sails, but if so, white marlin or small blues only.


The edge has been sitting out deeper. The west side of the gulf stream is where that blue water is flowing north bound and shears off with the more stagnant green water. While this edge is normally in 80-180', in the summer months it lays anywhere from 190' - 400'.


If you fish full days, Swordfish can be targeted but only if you have lots of patience. We normally take 2 hrs to and then 2 hrs from the fishing grounds, so we fish for them for 4-5 hrs. On the way to/from dolphin is a good possibility by trolling small feathers and lures that can be trolled at 12 knots.


If sword fishing I like to fish 2-3 days before/after the full moon for optimal conditions. They still bite well on the other days.


For everything else like sails, tuna, dolphin, kingfish, and big sharks I would stay away, yes away, from the full moon. They'll be eating at night and at daytime they are locked jawed!
What ever the day, we will catch fish; we just have to plan according to the weather, conditions, and current fishing reports. We have had some terrific dolphin fishing in August in past years.


Talking about dolphin, there have been plenty of gaffers in the 1000 – 1200 line along floating debris. Twelve pound outfits will be a lot of fun. Keep in mind where these fish are because marlin and wahoos are not too far from them. Try deep jigging with wire leader in spinner outfits for some hoo action. Keep your reeling fast, very fast and aggressive to get their attention


If you have any questions about the specific rigs please email me.


For Miami Charter Boat and Masita charters I am Capt. Carlos Mendez