Miami Fishing Report - April 7, 2015

42 bMiami fishing is of to a slow start for the month of April, my favorite month. April is slow compared to other years but the sailfish action is alive. Sails are harder to get since the edge is not as defined as usual. Try working sails on deeper water and also on your deeper lines. While having your regular spread out don't ignore a deeper line 50'-80' below. Some fish will patrol this area looking for cooler water temperatures. The other day we got a 58 lbs Wahoo with this deeper line.


The kings have been reacting well to trolled outfits in between 80'-150'. Troll a south direction to increased your relative water with your typical north current. On the Masita III we like to stagger our lines at 30' and 40' below. We like to use planners and wire lines with 16 oz. trolling weights. Our favorite lure is the old trusty plain and simple silver spoon in 3 1/2 or 4. It works magic for slow days as you can cover more water while moving.


On the bottom scene, the amberjacks are alive and kicking on the wrecks. Groupers are also mixed in the bunch as well but remember to release all groupers. Fish and Wildlife will impose heavy fines for groupers as it is closed season until May 1st.


The bait has been really slow on the normal spots, like the bent range marker. We have worked hard to save this icon in Miami and for a great reason; it holds bait. However, the blue fish have moved in and the hearing don't have a chance. They are being targeted hard by the blue fish. Catching bait will be a taxing issue. Patience and persistence is in line. Capitalize on slow days by targeting bluefish with super light tackle and have some fun with them. Please remember to release them as they are not great table fare.


Be aware of the large dredging equipment and boats. They are on the Government Cut and Fisherman's Channel. Their dredging has disrupted most bait patters and concentrations in these channels. Try to get bait behind Fisher Island and in between Jimbo's on the flat. The pilchards are congregating there.


The cobias should be here any day as the guys in Palm Beach are on them right now. Is just a matter of days before cobia fishing will be in full swing here in Miami. Other fun fish will be Tarpon on the cut of Miami. Crabs and shrimp are the preferred bait and don't be afraid to use depth as your ally. Let the baits sink mid water in the center of the channel; however, be on the lookout for big ships coming in and out, they do have the right of way.


Some other charter boats are reporting kind of a hit or miss action with offshore dolphin.


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