Miami Fishing Report - March 3, 2014

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This morning we had a double on sailfish one amberjack and one barracuda. It’s being tough fishing and even tougher to get bait but it was done. Thanks to our customers for sticking it out.

The reef has being pretty slow but the barracudas have kept us entertained. There is some amberjack action on the deeper wrecks (around 200’- 250’) by the county wrecks of Key Biscayne. Mixed with the amberjacks are some black and gag groupers but they are out of season. We must release the groupers and venting them is necessary to make sure they are released unharmed. They swell up as they come up from deeper water and can’t equalize the pressure. A venting tool is now mandatory if you are fishing for these species.

The wrecks over 300’ are loaded with the smaller almaco jacks. They are a lot of fun if you target them with light tackle like a 20# spinning rig. Almacos have no limit but please only catch and release these guys as they are poor table fare.

Sails are in 150-175' in front of key Biscayne, kings are in 100’-125' north of the last Red Sea buoy (Miami entrance channel). Today there was a nice edge in 159' with some dolphin on it.


Bait in the first range bent marker is holding about 200' away from it to the north. Look for the nervous water and you will locate the bait. If you stay too close to the range marker the pinfish will devour your sabiki rigs. Remember, pinfish is our bait of choice for fishing all the wrecks. It is very strong and stays on your hook well.


If you have any questions, please call me direct.


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