Miami Fishing Report – September 3, 2013

Big Dolphin in Miami!

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Dolphin fishing in Miami has been pretty good lately. These fish offer our anglers a great fight with leaping acrobatics, beautiful colors, they are easy to catch and excellent to eat. What else can you ask for?

For the past month we have been hunting for dolphin. Nice size schoolies and bigger gaffer size fish in the 20-30# range has been the norm. The fish have been located in the 600-1200 depth lines. They have almost all been under birds specially the frigates.

While weed lines offers anglers something to fish to, birds offer us a better way to locate fish. Birds will dive at a source of food, normally bait being pushed up by dorados. Sometimes birds don’t dive; they are doing the same thing you are doing, fishing. Stick to him, and follow that frigate. These birds have a better view point than we do closer to the water. Most likely he will find the fish before you do and it will pay off. If you locate diving birds, you will locate dolphin fish.

Every year Dolphin fish during late summer and early fall will make their annual run as they head back south to the warmer waters of the Caribbean. July and August will be the tail end of the run and as we suspected the bigger fish lead the run.

Quick tip:

We do not normally troll for dolphin.  Trolling over water with no signs of life is a waste of time and fuel. On Masita III we hunt for them.

Our bait of choice is the pilchard. We also carry cut bait in 1”x1” size to start them off and make an easy offering. Search for weed lines, floating debris, turtles, etc. Then you can start trolling. If birds are spotted, maneuvers the boat to proceed ahead of the migrating school of dolphin and cast live baits on 20# spinning tackle.

On the reef large schools of Bonitas have been around 80’ - 135’. I know people frown upon Bonitas, but try fishing for them with 12# tackle and you will see how much fun they can be. Prior to school starting this last week as usual we had many last minute charters consisting of parents wanting to take out their kids fishing prior to school start. We concentrated on the Bonitas and the kids had a blast! The action is constant and helps keep our young anglers focused.

As for eating, well, they are not the best. However, our friends from Bermuda pay $9.00/pound for them. Many people that eat sashimi tell us that they like it. Taste is an individual thing; therefore, I can only say don’t knock it off until you try it.

Sailfish has been also on the reef. Just about every charter we get shots at them. We have been fishing with the kites or just live bait drifting. The Link Construction Annual Tournament was held on August 10th, 2013 and we came in second place with a double on sailfish.

Kingfish has been scarce, but we did win a small tournament on August 15 with the largest fish; a 23# kingfish. Congratulations to our anglers.

Bottom Fishing in Miami. We have not being targeting bottom fish but our counterparts have and they have been doing very good. Reports indicate of nice size yellowtails at night in the shallow parts (65’-90’) on the north side of the cut. On the south side of the county wrecks by the Orion we have had several nice size mutton snappers.

Bait has been ok in the Miami cut on the first bent range marker. Large size threadfin hearing and cigar minnows have been there. Remember that for the cigars we don’t jerk or move our rods, we just let them hang in the chum slick until we have a hook up and then straight to the boat.

For Masita Charters and Miami Charter Boat, I’m Capt. Carlos Mendez.

Capt. Carlos Mendez

USCG Master Captain

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