Spring Fishing off Miami Heats Up

Fishing off Miami has been slow to develop as March should be an excellent month to fish. It feels more like January as the fishing has lagged somewhat as it compares to other years. Nevertheless, we are producing catches in all areas, top water, bottom, and specialty fishing.

On the top side, we have had sailfish primarily in days where it has been blowing. On calmer days the sails have not been where we normally would expect them in anywhere between 120 and 150 feet. On those days we have moved a bit offshore to find our sailfish in deeper waters like 300 and 350 feet where there has been a clear and defined edge. The edge is easily identified by your stagnant green water meeting with your moving blue water. Sails are being targeted with live bait on spinner reels with 20# outfits, presented from the outriggers.

Sailfish off Miami, FLOn this edge, we have found small to gaffer sized dolphin fish, but not in huge numbers. This same edge has proved to be the home for several blacktip sharks and some hammerhead sharks swimming on the surface.

On the deeper wrecks, 250 feet and more, we have had a series of groupers; of course we have had to release them as they are in closed season until May 1. On these same wrecks the big amberjack's have been slim. We have been primarily getting the lesser amberjack and most of these fish have been on the small side so we have been releasing them. Some of the most well-known wrecks are full of sharks in the bottom that have not let us fish our baits for targeted bottom fish.

On the reef line between 90 and 120 feet we have witnessed a lot of green water with very little current if any. On some days just going out to the deeper water we have decided to troll the wire lines and the planers and we have been getting small Kingfish.

In the bait department, it has been sporadic. Basically, a hit or miss on the range marker. Sometimes the threadfin hearing have been reacting a lot better towards the afternoon. We have been getting out early to avoid the heat of the day. In these early morning hours the threadfin hearing have not been reacting well. They tend to react better when the sun comes up. Don't get too close to the range as your sabiki rigs will get destroyed by pinfish.

Inside the bay, the bigger pilchards have been conglomerated by the ferry dock station of Fisher Island. With incoming current we have been able to net them in good numbers and black-out our live wells.

Tarpon action has been fantastic by the beach. Crabs and shrimp are the preferred bait.

Till then,

I am Capt. Carlos Mendez for Masita charters and Miami Charter Boat.