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  • 8-0211
    Captain Carlos,

    I want to express our gratitude from the Dillard family. The charter you set up for us, was more than we could have ever imagined. It was absolutely amazing from beginning to end. You thoughtfulness and thorough planning made this Father/Son trip the memory of a lifetime. You made my 6 year old, Charles, feel as though he was the star of the boat for catching so many of the bait fish, both to start and end the day. My 15 year old, Jack, is now hooked on sport fishing for life thanks to numerous "fights" and catching all the fish you put him on. He talks constantly about coming back this winter to catch a sail. Of course we all enjoyed the feeding frenzy of the tarpon back at the dock, and I can't wait to see the pictures you and Johnny took.

    Thanks again, Captain Carlos for the wonder family experience, and we look forward to fishing with you again.

    Yours Truly,
    Pete Dillard

  • 4-28-11

    I can't thank you enough for your generosity, time and money, you showed towards my son and I. It was a fishing experience of a lifetime for my son, and all the boys, me included. You really put us on fish. He is still talking about it. I really appreciate you giving me tips that I can use on my boat, you are a true captain.

    Thanks again,

  • 4-26-11
    Dear Carlos:

    Thanks for the opportunity to meet you and Johnny. Believe me, that fishing trip will never be forgotten by my son Rafael Jr., me and also uncle Armando. Seeing his nephew in action fighting that sailfish was phenomenal. It was his second one but with a different style of fishing. Fishing with live baits and kites was new for him and for me too. Thanks again for that wonderful experience and we are looking forward to see you in Christmas again. Rafi

    Rafi Cordero
    Ponce, Puerto Rico

  • 4-12-11

    Often we are quick to criticize for poor service, but find it hard to compliment others when provided with services that are excellent. I had to write and tell you about the great experience I had this past weekend.

    First I want to start with the boat. I have fished countless times and every time I have seen pictures of the boat that look great, only to be disappointed with a boat in much worse condition than expected. When we arrived in the morning for our trip on the Masita III, I was completely surprised. The boat was spotless, very organized, and looked just as good as the photos on the website. Considering this was the first time my girlfriend has ever gone deep sea fishing, that by itself was priceless!

    Second, your crew was amazing. As we had discussed on the phone, the style of fishing was a little different than I was used to, so I had a lot of questions. Your crew was very knowledgeable, eager to teach, and never hesitated once to answer any questions I had. That was a real pleasure as I am always trying to learn more. It was by far the most professional, caring, courteous crew I have ever had the pleasure of fishing with.

    Now for the fishing. Before we started, I was already told that there was no wind, there was no current, and the fishing conditions were going to be tough. They asked what I was hoping for and I told them I would love to catch a mahi or wahoo (so I would have something to eat), and if lucky, a sailfish (so my girlfriend would have an amazing experience fishing). We had multiple mahi on at the same time, got a wahoo (which really surprised us considering the time of year), a king, some rainbows, and lost a big sail. Makes me wonder what else we could have asked for?

    It was obvious while out on the water that you have the reputation for catching the fish because we had multiple boats trying to fall in behind us and follow our line. In the end, I had a cooler full of fish to ship home while we watched multiple ships come in empty handed!

    Thanks for an amazing time. If, or when, I return to the area, you can count on me fishing with you again. I would highly recommend your services to anyone!


    Dr. Edgar Luna
    Diamond Smiles Dentistry
    Office: (205) 988-9700
    Fax: (205) 988-4191

  • The boat was immaculate, the crew was beyond friendly, and many sails (sailfish) hooked approx. 7. I had one and fought it for 25 minutes. It was HUGE, jumped 8-10 times.

    One (sailfish) was brought up for pictures (and released) Brought in a nice mahi and made some ceviche. All and all your crew was AMAZING I have fished with the Delph family in the keys and many other captains in my life. This might have been the nicest ever. We will BE BACK Might take your captain up on some night Tarpon fishing when we get time. We’ll keep in touch

    Peter J Gonzalez
    Team Bayside!
    401 Biscayne Blvd.
    Miami, FL. 33132

  • Carlos,

    Can’t stop thinking about what a great two days Terry Jr. and I had with you guys last week.  Already talking about another trip, for me, possibly this fall.  Definitely, in the future. Again, great trip, great memories.

    Terry, Sr., April 2011

    Going fishing with Captain Carlos and Avery, on board of the Masita III last May, was an extremely exciting experience.
    In less than 6 hours, over 14 fish were caught, including 3 Sailfish and a 25 pound Amberjack!!! This is one fish every 20 minutes! Not even in Los Cabos (Mexico) I have had such a good track record.
    These guys really know about kite fishing (6 lines fishing at the same time!) and what is best; they show it to you so that you can learn about it! If you go to Miami, don’t miss the opportunity to go fishing with Captain Carlos Mendez and the Masita III; good crew, great boat and high quality equipment. I will certainly come back (next target: swordfish)

    Ignasi Ferrer
    Barcelona (Spain)
    May 2010

  • Thank- you for the great time. These are memories we will never forget.

    Grandma, Papa, Justin, Adam, Brooke, Mike, and Terri 9/12 sailfish in one day. Dec 2010

    They were beyond satisfied. They asked me for your company info as they want to recommend you to someone they know!

    Thanks again for everything.
    Teresa Harington
    Nov 2010

  • Dear Capt Carlos:

    I just wanted to thank you for the awesome time on the Masita III on June 20, 2008. The trip was absolutely perfect for me and my family. The crew made the day fishing wonderful and the accommodations on the boat were phenomenal. When I come to Miami rest assured that the only charter boat I will use is yours. I have enclosed pictures from the charter that were taken by my dad and I ask that if you have any if you could please email them to me. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again and can’t wait to come back to Miami and do more fishing. Tight lines!


    Terry McMackin, New Jersey

  • "The trip we took was the most exciting fishing trip we have ever been on. The kids will never forget hauling in monster sized fish! The looks on their faces was priceless. We will definitely be back again! Our fishing experience was the highlight of our trip to Miami. Special thanks to Joe- he was a fabulous guide (and cute too). Thanks Captain Carlos and crew! You will see the folks from Kansas again!"

    Ms. Kelly Whisner. Kansas City

  • "Great instruction. Capt Carlos can teach you if you want to learn. Just listen and he opens up right away. And I thought after 15 years of fishing that I knew what I was doing."

    Doug Peterson, West Palm Beach, FL

  • "Like you said, we only needed a half day of fishing, and you were right, 8 sails, kings, bonitas, snapper and grouper, wow!!!"

    Linda Barryster, Dothan Alabama

  • "We are hooked on Kite Fishing. What an incredible way to fish.... You can see all the action as the Capt, Carlos describes it to you. We are coming back this summer."

    The groves, London

  • "Customer service was exceeded at every level. You guys are great. I can't wait till July for my next trip."

    Rene Martin, West Palm Beach, Florida

  • "We had a great time, neither boat struck out and my brother caught a sail. The charter definitely completed our trip and next time we hope to be with you, or the same crew. Thanks and let's stay in touch because I am always fishing and making trips down there to Florida."

    Jon Sobel, Portland

  • "We had a blast - the crew was great and we caught lots of fish. My son had the catch of a lifetime."

    Tony Moore, Michigan "Thanks for a wonderful trip last Thursday. Jesus kept the lines in the water as the skipper located the fish. We ended up catching: three King Mackerel, two blackfin tuna (30# and 40#), one barracuda and two sailfish."

    James Wilcox, Miami

  • "Also, FYI - they LOVED you and the trip. They really appreciated that you met them upon arrival and had them off to sea so quickly. I can't thank you enough as on another day, this was not the case with our speed boats. Your activity was a BIG HIT And, the CEO loved it. Your reasoning on the spot was something I learned from, so thank you. TRULY, TRULY, we love working with you and look forward to sooo much more."

    Eden Levine, Palm Beach

  • "We had a great time. I will send you a couple of pics later in the week. The Boat was great and the crew was lots of fun. We hope to return again to fish with you some more."

    Chip Summers, TFT Construction Thanks for hosting us on the fishing trip the last weekend. I have to say it was a great time and everybody enjoyed the trip. Please tell your crew that they did an excellent job and they are top notch.

    Jason Tell, Brazing Concepts LLC

  • Most awesome, enjoyable, and memorable fishing trip to date! We were treated super, fished our butts off, caught a ton of fish, and WANT TO COME BACK to catch the ones that got away that day! Carlos knows where they are...and how to catch them! Thanks guys for the "Extreme Experience"! Beth and Bill will send the pictures...CD...for you. Can't figure out how to do it, yet, so will keep trying! Loved the experience!

    Thanks, Casey B, Malone

  • Worth every penny. We could not put 4 baits in the water and do a complete set-up. Fish would take on the first or second bait in. Nonstop action. You guys have it going on.

    Mr. William Pierpoint, Seattle

  • We got tired of catching fish. These guys know these waters and how to fish for them. Other boats were not catching, we were!

    Thomas Baskin, Philadelphia Eagles, Retired NFL

  • My first sailfish in just 30 minutes after I boarded the boat. Thank you Mr. Mendez for this opportunity. Just as you described it, no more, no less, a sincere desire to excel and all for fishing. Thank you for a memorable time. Will recommend you without any hesitation.

    John Skinner, New York

  • Hello Carlos,

    First of all, I want to thank you and your crew for the BEST DAY OF FISHING we have ever had. Four of us on the boat, fish throughout the year and this was the best experience ever! The other two had never fished before and they absolutely loved it! Your crew was fabulous! I really wanted to see a barracuda and catch a dorado. Well, as we caught a dorado, two barracuda chewed it to nothing in front of our eyes. It was a kick! Then we caught a barracuda! Amazing!

    We will be back to fish with your team again!

    Kelly Dippel Studley Palo Alto, CA

  • Dear Carlos,

    I wanted to let you know what a wonderful time was had by all. I booked this trip because I wanted my sons to experience the thrill of being able to reel in a game fish. You exceeded my expectations! The high point in my day was when my youngest son and I both hooked and landed the same fish! The best memories are always made on the water! We caught fish all day long and the added bonus was listening to your wonderful recipes for Bonito! Sorry Captain, Jesus' was the best!

    I am in Florida frequently and I look forward to seeing you and booking another trip!

    I will forward your name and address to our Corporate Human Resources Director and will endorse you as the professional you are.

    Again, Thank you, for the truly memorable experience you provided me and my family.

    My son took some awesome pictures I will forward to you.

    Sinceramente, Joe Viera

  • Carlos,

    Want to personally thank you and Jesus for the trip you took us on July 18th. I was with the Bachelor party, I believe we all had a great time and I also think we provided you guys with some entertainment, epically Eric. I haven't talk the guys yet, but I would like to make this an annual thing. If they are on board would you be interested in taking care of us?

    Again I don't think we could have a better time with anyone else. You are really good at what you do and understanding what people want with the amount of money they are spending.

    Thanks again captain and let me know about future adventures.

    Rob Panhorst Financial Analyst Maritz Inc.

  • First, I would like to say that your charters and crew are some of the best that I have ever sailed with. Capt. Dan is not only a top notch fisherman and has full control over the boat but is also one of the nicest people I have fished with in years. The next time I am in Miami, I will be on your boat again!! We had people ranging in skill levels from experienced fisherman all the way down to people who had not had a rod in their hands since they were 7 years old. The crew made sure that everyone knew what they were doing and ensured that we all got on fish. I think I had just as much fun talking with Capt. Dan and the crew as I did catch my Black-tipped Shark. Thanks again for a great trip and hope to see you again soon.

    Dan Ficker,

  • Captain Carlos,

    My wife and I have chartered many fishing yachts in various locations in throughout the United States and Caribbean. Virtually every one of these trips has been unique and fun. However, the Masita experience was a standout. Some define the success of a charter by the number of landings. Others may rate the boat, weather or a variety of other factors as significant. While important, to us the tone and skills of the crew make or break the day. Captain Chris and first mate John were exceptional. They were entertaining, knowledgeable and paid particular interest to making sure we enjoyed our fishing experience. Without question, this is a fishing boat. However, the Masita is a fishing boat with a well rounded and fun crew. This makes all the difference. The kite fishing was an absolute blast, although bait fishing was exciting as well. While we were fortunate in our catch, the experience stands out in our minds because of the crew, the vessel and the day. We wish you the best and without hesitation will recommend your services to both the Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton, which are our frequent accommodations of choice. Best regards to the skipper and crew.

    Jim Wilson, Wilson Northern Capital Management, Inc.

  • I would like to take this moment to commend you on the excellent service that we received from your entire staff during our recent stay at Fisher Island. You might also like to know that your recommendation of the Masita II was greatly appreciated. Captain Carlos and crew were extremely knowledgeable,professional and courteous which greatly increased my fishing enjoyment. I would highly recommend them to any futures guest who are interested in a quality fishing excursion.

    Michael J. Monahan,

  • Thank you so much for the wonderful experience of “sail fishing”. I enjoyed every minute of the water, the boat and even the “bait fishing”. Looking forward to seeing you again. Merry Christmas, and again – Thank you –

    Your friends, Ed & Doris Futyma, Huntingtown, MD

  • Thanks again for being A a cut above the rest. Your professional services were greatly appreciated!

    Cornelia Pereira, Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce 3rd place overall in the 11th Annual Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce Sports Council Offshore Challenge Fishing Tournament.

  • Hello Carlos:

    Helen has DEMANDED that I send you this thank you, and insists that we have to return to Miami shortly to spend some time with you two! She is definitely up for more Tarpon fishing and Dad & I would just love it! I have to say we had the most amazing couple of days with you guys. Personally, you guys helped me beat my biggest fish (twice!!) and realize a lifelong ambition to get stuck into some serious game fishing. Thanks again for both your expertise and good company, I hope I'll meet you again someday!!!

    Martin, Helen, Richard and Lynne Grove. UK

  • You guys understand kids and their attention span. Most memorable fishing trip to date.

    Elaine, Florida

  • Like you said, we only needed a half day of fishing, and you were right, 8 sails, kings, bonitas, snapper and grouper, wow!!!

    Linda Barryster, Dothan Alabama

  • We wanted to thank you for such a great fishing trip last week. We had a wonderful day and a superb lunch of our fresh catch! The chef at the restaurant really prepared us a nice variety of fish, yum! I attached some photos for you, feel free to use them on your website for others to see, it was really terrific! Thanks so much.


  • Carlos and Chris,

    Thanks for taking us out on such a wild adventure. You asked for a copy of the Wahoo, did either of you take the group shot? If so, please include me in the scan. Out of the whole awards trip, this was the one activity I was most looking forward to. I'll have to look you guys up when I'm in Miami and give it another shot. Take care,

    Penny Rentz, Penny PH/US

  • Customer service was exceeded at every level. You guys are great. I can't wait till July for my next trip.

    Rene Martin, West Palm Beach, Florida



  • Sorry it took so long. The trip was great. The crew is to be commended.

    Robert C. Roesch

  • Carlos, We had a great time neither boat struck out and my brother caught a sail. The charter definitely completed our trip and next time we hope to be with you, or the same crew. Thanks and let's stay in touch because I am always fishing and making trips down there to Florida.

    Jon Sobel

  • Thanks again for a great day. You and Joe made it happen! Nov 06’ sailfish

    Jared Parker, NY

  • Fishing was absolutely awesome, so lucky I got the sail out so quick!! As soon as I get back to Holland I will send you all photos and the video footage. Thanks again for having us and taking such great care. I’ll be back in Miami in spring. Kind regards,

    Douwe UK

  • Thanks for a great fishing experience!!!

    Mike Jordan

  • Carlos, Wanted to drop you a line to say thank you. We enjoyed you all's hospitality. All our guys had a great time. Hope to fish again sometimes in the future. Happy Holidays,

    Barry K. Flood

  • WOW! I'm excited. That is impressive to see in a half day...I haven't seen Corey yet, But I’m sure he is looking out to give me full details!! Again, Thank You! Thank You, You are great! I'll be in touch. 8 sails in a half day!

    Kent Harris

  • Thank you for the great experience today, you were a great captain, and it was great to have Lee as the mate, he was awesome. Please send the pics to this e-mail address. Thanks Carlos great PICS, we will keep your number handy. Thanks for a great trip, we will definitely be back. 3/6 sails in half day, 3-21-06

    Dr. Edward F. Group III

  • Thanks for a great time, looking forward to a marlin trip this summer. Let me know when there hitting. Thanks again,

    Tom Samples, California. Wanted a sailfish and got it.

  • Dear Captain Carlos, We are already back home but planning our next fishing trip in Miami, FL! We had a great time on board the Masita 2 that day! The kids loved it and are talking all the time of how they will catch the elusive white sharks, marlins and sail over here! We are sending here two great photos, one is of our very pretty new "mermaid" friend, Karla. The kids learned new tricks there with you and the hope to catch big fishes here too! The Barracuda is a great success among our friends here at the Yacht Club and they are planning to publish it on the Yacht Club's magazine! (If they do, we will send it to you!)

    Captain Carlos was a great teacher! Thank you very much!

    Mario, Maria Fernanda, Henrique and Arthur Simonsen Fisher Island, FL. São Paulo, Brazil

  • Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for a fun day. All of my family including myself had a great time. Thanks for helping us catch some fish! See you again on my next trip to Miami!! Regards,

    Bob Eckert

  • Thank you for all your assistance with my group's activities. Everyone had a great time! I definitely hope to do with you again soon! Sincerely,

    Porsche Baum, Master Halco,

  • Hey Captain Carlos! Thank you again for making our bachelor party weekend a memorable one. Everyone agreed the fishing was the best part of the trip. We also talked our restaurant at the hotel into making the fish for us and it tasted awesome. By the way, fisherman Danny was incredible. Please thank him for us as well. Thank you again.

    Todd Patrickus, Green Bay, Wisconsin

  • Hi Carlos: Thanks for a great time on the Masita III. My boss was really impressed. We hope to do it again soon. Capt Dan and Jesus made the trip great. The picture says it all.

  • Carlos: We had a blast - the crew was great and we caught lots of fish. My son had the catch of a lifetime.

    Tony Moore

  • Carlos- We had a good time on the boat, the kids enjoyed the trip and that means a lot to me. The Crew was very professional we learned a lot with the guys.

    Mr. Pardo

  • Carlos: Carla and I had an absolutely great time on the charter. From the very start it was enjoyable as we helped Jesus catch bait. Dan was a very knowledgeable captain and did a great job. We told him we were hoping to get a sailfish, and by golly we did. He happened to spot a shark, which we caught as well. Several bonita and mackerel made it a great day.

    Thanks for getting us set up. PS I'm going to forward some pictures. Dan got a couple pictures of my sailfish. Please forward them. Thanks. We would like to get two t-shirts: large and x-large.

    Vernon Priest

  • We are hooked on Kite Fishing. What an incredible way to fish.... You can see all the action as the Capt, Carlos describes it to you. We are coming back this summer.

    The groves, England