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Fishing fleet for Miami and Miami Beach from Miami Charter Boat.
Backing and teasers. Miami Charter Boat.
Black smoke at transom. Miami Charter Boat.
Boats at bimini start. Miami Charter Boat.
Bow wake. Miami Charter Boat.
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Cockpit fighting fish - Miami sport fishing yacht.
Express Miami boat going to fish.
Fishing tournaments in Miami - backdown spray.
Fishing yacht Miami. Miami Charter Boat.
Huge sportfish boat running.
Instruction - father and son fish in Miami Beach.
Miami charter boats coming in.
Miami charter boats.
Miami fish showtime. Miami Charter Boat.
Miami fishing boat. Miami Charter Boat.
Miami fishing boats at the fish grounds.
Miami fishing boats ready to battle.
Miami fishing fleet at rest.
Miami fishing yacht - still fishing.
Miami fishing yachts at the battleground.
Miami sportfishing boats go to battle.
Fishing experts are always welcomed.
Sportfish running hard - Miami boats.
The largest sportfishing fleet in Miami.
The tournaments - sportfishing boats Miami Beach.
Towers at marina. Miami Charter Boat.
Waiting point for Miami fishing yachts.
Water over transom - backing on sailfish.
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