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Sailfish in Miami. At 64 miles per hour, acrobatic jumps and leaps and the famous tailwalk, these fish are a spectacle to watch.
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Charter in Miami Beach
Fishing yachts in Miami
Fishing yachts Miami Beach
Fishing yachts
Mercuria fishing in Miami with Miami Charter Boat and Masita Charters..
Terry McMackin and his long awaited sailfish!
Sailfish jumping with website name.
Mate Johnie at the leader of sailfish.
very happy anglers fishing for sailfish
Sailfish - Capt. Carlos Mendez - Fishing gallery Miami.
Miami Charter Boat - Capt. Carlos Mendez on the Masita III - Chris Sanchez on the leader.
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2010 Miami Dolphins Tournament sailfish.jpg
Martin from Sweden and his first Sailfish
Joe DeRosa and his sailfish.
Juan Medina's party and first ever sailfish. Miami Charter Boat.
sailface guys.
Team Building charters.
We have a sailfish, consistent results on Masita Charters.
Joe during the USLAW Conference
Jon Appleton and his first sailfish.
Anthony Lockaby and his first sailfish.
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Darian Poinsetta sailfish in Miami.
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