Gallery | Snappers, Groupers and Bottom Fish

Bottom fishing in Miami and Miami Beach. With hundreds of wrecks and miles of natural reef, Miami offers a paradise for the bottom fisherman.
Grouper fishing in Miami Beach.
Snapper fishing outing.
Capt. Ozzie Gonzalez and a black grouper.
African pompano in Miami.
Miami snappers.
true american red snapper, healthy release!
Snappers in Bimini, Bahamas.
kissing the fish
Yellowmouth Groupper and Ralph Canseco.
Grouper fishing in Miami.
Mutton Snapper fishing in Bimini, Bahamas.
Karla Mendez - snapper fishing in Miami.
Snapper killing.
Miami grouper. Miami Charter Boat.
Snapper fishing Bahamas.
Grouper fishing Miami. Miami Charter Boat.
Bimini Bahamas on the Maxed Out.
Black grouper and other fish in Miami Beach.
Snapper fishing in Miami Beach.
Bottom fishing. Miami Charter Boat.
Amberjack fishing Miami Beach.
Mutton Snapper Fishing.
Snapper fishing with dad in Miami.
Grouper fishing Miami Beach.
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